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How to Throw an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” Party

How to Throw an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” Party


Around this time last year, my dear friend @athomewithlibby threw an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” party and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I just have to share how you can throw one too!  Last year I walked away with a Scrub Daddy (OMG, Life Changing!), a nail polish that is a mix between regular nail polish and gel so it lasts longer but doesn't ruin your nails (yay!), and some socks that keep my feet seriously warm.

How It Works:

1. Invite your girls over for an evening of wine and cheese. Instruct each guest to choose a favorite thing and bring three of them wrapped. You can set a maximum spend amount of around $15-$20 if you want to keep costs down for everyone and ensure that all the gifts are around the same value. *Very important* It is three of the same item, not three different items... although, if someone messes this up, who cares? That person will just give three different items.

2. Once your guests arrive and drinks are served, get scraps of paper that are about evenly sized. Each guest writes their name on three separate pieces of paper. Fold them up and throw them into a bowl or a hat. 

3. Pick a name out of the hat to decide who will gift their favorite thing first. Put that person’s name back in the hat.

4. The first person then picks three names out of the hat and delivers her three gifts to those three ladies. The gift giver explains what the item is and why she chose it as her favorite thing. Cue some hilarious and awkward stories about the item. 

5. Go around the circle until everyone has exchanged their gifts.

6. By the end of the night, each person will take home three different gifts from three different friends. 

    You and your guests will discover all kinds of must-have items that your friends love. At Libby’s party, we learned about cool gadgets, delicious snacks, and comfy apparel.  All while sipping wine, laughing and soaking up the holiday cheer! 


    Some of Our Favorite Things:



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