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The Greyson Tote: You Need this Bag in Your Life

The Greyson Tote: You Need this Bag in Your Life

The Greyson Tote: You Need this Bag in Your Life 

I am a firm believer that every girl needs a great tote bag. I’m all about a trendy clutch or a dainty crossbody, but when it comes to practicality and style the tote bag can’t be beat. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bag, and I’ve found it in this Greyson Tote by Haute Shore. This bag is fun, versatile, and insanely useful.  It is your dream gym bag, backpack, and work-friendly purse in one. 

Here are the Top 5  Reasons I love the Greyson Tote:

1. The Prints

Ok not to be superficial from the get-go, but the Greyson tote comes in 13 different prints that are to die for! My favorites are the camo and the hot pink, but all 13 are incredible and sure to make a statement. These prints are modern and bright… This is not your grandmother’s tote bag!


2.  The Removable Pouch:

If you are anything like me, you are gifted in the art of losing things. The Greyson has a removable wallet that is perfect to hold your phone, keys, and any other items that you need to keep track of.  These totes also make the perfect gym bag… This pouch is perfect for holding travel toiletries and makeup! 


3. It's Washable:

This is a big deal. There are bound to be a few mishaps when you’re a girl on the go, and coffee on a nice bag is the worst feeling. Thanks to the neoprene fabric, all you need to do is use some mild soap and hang the Greyson to dry, and it’ll be as good as new. 


4. It's Expandable:

As fun as these gorgeous printed bags are, the best part of a tote bag is its practicality. And girl, the Greyson delivers. The Greyson tote is convertible into two different sizes to meet your day to day needs. Button it together for a more streamlined look, and expand it to give more space.


5. The Size:

This baby is the perfect size to meet your needs. When you expand the side panels out the bag measure 18 inches across and is 12 inches deep. Its the perfect size for gym clothes (and styling tools and makeup for post-workout recovery). It will fit your laptop and agenda for a day of work in your favorite coffee shop.

And college students? Say goodbye to your old North Face backpack and hello to the (much cuter) Greyson Tote. The Greyson will hold all of your textbooks, and look soooo much better while doing it. 


What to Wear and Pair: 

For a day out shopping, pair with a cute pair of jeans, a basic sweater, and some fun sneakers. Your bag is sure to make a statement, and wearing a simpler outfit with it will help you to find the perfect balance of classy and trendy.


I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t throw some athleisure in here. In this day and age, people live in it… and I’m a huge fan. A pair of leggings and a jacket are a perfect pairing with the Greyson tote… It makes the perfect gym bag!


The Greyson Bag is great for running errands and the gym, but it is also the ideal bag to bring to work. It fits your laptop, iPad, notebook, planner, AirPods and more. Pair it with a nice sweater or blouse and some trendy dress pants and you will have the perfect work-week attire.




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