7 Tips for Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

Posted on November 24 2019

7 Tips for Hosting Your First Thanksgiving


Picture it, you are walking out of your kitchen to deliver a perfectly roasted turkey to a beautifully decorated table full of your family! But you have never hosted Thanksgiving before and taking over this event is a big responsibility so we have put together our top tips to get you through the planning and execution easily so that you actually enjoy the day and look forward to hosting your second Thanksgiving!

1. Plan!

Start to think through all of the details, how many people are attending? What is your menu? When do you want to serve dinner? Make lists and write out as many details as you can think of.

2. Shop Early!

Once you have the numbers and menu planned, make your grocery list and shop at least three to 4 days ahead of time. This way if you forget an item or have to go to a second or third store you are not in a complete last-minute rush.

3. Prepare Ahead of Time!

Create a timeline for when things need to be made. Do as much prep work ahead of time as possible and have fun with it. Invite some girlfriends over to make pies on Monday or Tuesday night or to prep casseroles and including a glass or two of wine will help too!

4. Keep it simple!

It’s always fun to put a new twist on things to make it your own, but Thanksgiving is about tradition and people feel strongly about having their “classic” dishes. Also, when preparing this large of a meal, it's always better to not have items that require lengthy or complicated preparations or ingredients.

5. Accept Help!

There is no rule that you have to make everything yourself. If you have an aunt who has always made the cranberries and offers, say YES! If your brother offers to be in charge of drinks and ice, say YES! If your mom offers to make the gravy, say YES! If you are hosting the meal for the first time then you are most likely being handed the responsibility from someone else and change can be hard, so include anyone who wants to help.

6. Set the Table!

Set your table the night before. Again, simplicity is a good way to go with your table too, the meal is going to be the star of the day so make sure you leave room for all of the dishes on the table. You should, of course, pull out all of your best dishes and glassware, because why else do you have them if not to use them! Pick a pretty tablecloth, napkins and candles and it will be beautiful!

7. Enjoy Yourself!

Enjoy every second! Yes it is a lot of work and there is always the chance that something will not go exactly as you planned but at the end of the day you will have a house full of people you love and don’t get to see all the time. And if your family is anything like mine the unexpected moments or snafus are some of our favorite stories!



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