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3 Fall Staples You Need in Your Closet Now

3 Fall Staples You Need in Your Closet Now


Let’s be real… the minute we “fall back” our time outside is tickin’. I don’t know about you, but now that it’s dark before the workday is over, I have no motivation to leave my house again after arriving home (or in the morning to go to work for that matter, but I digress.) The red wine and couch are *constantly* calling my name. However, as much as we’d like to be couch potatoes (just me??), we can’t just ditch responsibilities because #life so why not be as comfy as possible - without looking like a slob-  when doing the things you have to do anyways? 

These 3 items are as CLOSE to pajamas as you can get but you won’t be embarrassed wearing them in public. All that’s missing is your hard sole slippers.

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